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Fujitsu ScanSnap Scanner SV600

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Fujitsu SV600 Over Head system..
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Key features

  • Overhead scanner with simple one-touch operation
  • Fast scanning in just 3 seconds up to A3 size
  • Scans a wide variety of material – thick books, bound documents, loose paper, fragile information, business cards…
  • Multi-cropping function – can scan multiple items (up to 10) and automatically crop to show only the scanned items
  • Fast continuous scanning with page turning detection
  • VI technology using even illumination ensures steady images with accurate focus to A3 size, eliminates problems caused by ambient light and minimises uneven scans
  • Eliminate distortion and curvature with book image correction
  • Small footprint and robust design allows easy positioning in any environment
  • Bundled software includes Rack2-Filer Smart and Magic Desktop with Easy Book Creation, as well as Adobe® Acrobat® Standard, ABBYY FineReader and CardMinder

Product Description

Digitise everything with ease

The innovative ScanSnap SV600 uses a unique overhead scanning unit to capture newspapers, bound documents, loose paper, books and magazines into digital format without cutting or damaging the source materials. It can scan anything from business card size up to A3 landscape, so maps, historical documents and blueprints can be digitised directly. The finger removal tool allows users to hold the document in place firmly without compromising the scan.

Contactless scanning means there is no problem digitising bound documents or thick objects. The SV600 can comfortably capture information from books and magazines - even documents with repositionable notes can be scanned without any issues.

Furthermore, since scanning takes place without making contact with the document, there are no problems with delicate documents or fragile books; no worries about scratching by staples or paper clips. It is safe to digitise crayon or oil paintings, pencil manuscripts and photos, which could otherwise be damaged by touching.

Advanced Versatile Imaging Technology

The SV600 features an advanced moving scanner head that ensures a steady image over the whole document area. Its VI technology combines three innovative elements:

  • Large depth-of-field lenses ensure accurate auto focusing over a wide area with maximum levels
  • CCD linear image sensor to produce steady images
  • Highly directional LED lamp guarantees even illumination of source documents by minimising the impact of ambient light

One-button scanning with ScanSnap SV600

Fast start-up and scanning

Ready to scan from fast start-up, the SV600 can scan an A3 document in 3 seconds. Then ScanSnap's Quick Menu will automatically pop up after scanning enabling you to link your scanned data to workplace applications both quickly and easily. With multi-crop, automatically capture multiple documents of differing sizes in just one scan pass. Place several business cards, receipts and photos within the scanning area and the SV600 captures each document and can intelligently crop to the exact size. Scan straight to cloud services to make your information available anywhere, anytime and readily share with colleagues and business processes.

You can continuously scan multiple pages smoothly with page turning detection, which automatically detects when the page is turned. Alternatively, the SV600's timed mode allow users to specify the time to start scanning after the “Scan” button is pressed and set the time interval before the next page is to be scanned.

ScanSnap SV600 with small footprint on desk

Compact design with a small footprint

The SV600 is incredibly robust with a firm footing and is compact enough to provide efficient usage of workspace. With the scanning mat stowed away, the SV600's minimal 210 x 156 x 383mm footprint will not take up excessive space whilst not in use.

Intuitive software, works the way you do – only better

The SV600 facilitates simple PDF generation with a powerful range of one touch activated automatic settings and automatic image correction functions:

  • Page turning detection and timed mode
  • De-skew using text lines on documents
  • Auto paper size detection
  • Automatic image rotation
  • Auto colour detection
  • Book image correction
  • Multiple document detection
  • Background colour removal

Book Image Correction automatically corrects 3D distortion caused by the curve of an opened book. Any skewed text, imagery or graphics will be cleaned up so that the scanned image appears as if the original page was completely flat. Users can confirm and fine-tune the scanned images on the preview dialogue after scanning.

Book image correction

Background Colour Removal is especially useful when scanning newspapers where text is often set with a background colour. You can set the scanning process up to automatically remove any background colour so as to enhance the viewing of the scanned document when on screen.

Page turning detection and Book image correction

Bundled software for Windows OS

Rack2-Filer Smart allows captured documents and other digital data to be saved in realistic looking bookcases and files that can then be easily retrieved and flipped through – just as you would with regular paper files. Access and utilise this data anywhere through your cloud services; edit, add comments then save or redistribute via a smart mobile device.

Magic Desktop facilitates the organisation and storage of image files or scan data imported from ScanSnap in a workspace simulating an actual desktop. It allows users to organise their work seamlessly by categorising data in groups and additionally enables users to share information with groups such as Facebook via built-in software links.

Easy Book Creation has been specially added to Rack2-Filer/Magic Desktop for the SV600. With this enhancement, it is simple to divide pages and create thumbnails using the scanned front and back cover of the book after scanning.

Adobe® Acrobat® Standard enables Windows users to move beyond merely “seeing” and “printing” generated data, by editing generated PDF files in whatever way they like. It can also generate password and digital ID attached PDF files that are ideal for safeguarding personal data and other confidential information.

ABBYY FineReader for ScanSnap is the latest version of this top-class OCR engine that allows users to create editable Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files on Mac and Windows platforms. This software recognises text in hundreds of languages worldwide.

CardMinder efficiently organises business card information whether scanning a single card or large volumes of contacts collected at trade exhibitions. Enhanced language support includes business card recognition in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Russian as well as other common languages. Readily transfer scanned data into Excel, Outlook Express, SalesForce and other databases for future reference.

Also included with the SV600: ScanSnap Manager, ScanSnap Organizer, Evernote and Scan to Microsoft SharePoint which is a download only 

Bundled software for Mac OS*

ScanSnap Manager, ScanSnap Organizer Preview, ABBYY FineReader for ScanSnap, CardMinder, Evernote

*Mac software available as a download only, please visit


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